For those who dream of flight, here are some green options and busted myths

Yesterday, we ran a post about solar powered flight. It was pointed out in the comments that solar flight, while relatively new, has already been partially proven. In fact, we have covered some of those points before. But, is solar the only way to go for a zero-emissions flying thrill ride? Nope, you are already probably familiar with hang gliders and, if you have seen the Mythbusters episode, baloons, or even "leaping larry". But, those are not powered, you say. Right you are, but what about ultralight electric powered flying machines? As it turns out, there just may be. Check out - electric powered paragliders, "The quiet, affordable future of foot-launched flight." Many of the issues discussed on this site are the same as for automobiles, light-weight and high output batteries and motors being the keys for successful operation. Perhaps combining these with some of the higher-output solar cells would make for some interesting entertainment for the wealthy. For the rest of us, they sure do look fun!

[Source:, thanks again, Kert]

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