Mythbusters car skipping test -- Click above to watch video

In the movie Speed Zone, familiarly known as Cannonball Run 3 and ripe for an award for one of the most incredible ensemble casts ever, the opening sequence ends with a Lamborghini Countach eluding the police by skipping over a lake. You know, like a rock.

Mythbusters' new gearhead Kari Byron wanted to see if that could really be done, so they tested the stunt out on a scale model Lamborghini over an appropriately scaled body of water. Then they tested the stunt again with a full-sized car – Pontiac Fiero, not a Countach – over a real pond, and the results made us go something along the lines of "That's awesome."

Follow the jump for the videos, which are broken up into a couple of segments. The scale model Lamborghini segment is cut short – they want you to watch the show – but the final test of the Pontiac Fiero Water Skimmer Edition is at Mythbusters.

[Source: Mythbusters]

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