Would a superhero drive a Prius? We're not sure, but the Mythbusters do!

We have written about the Mythbusters many times before, so it just seems right to let you all know that in their latest episode, where they tackled superhero myths, they could be seen showing up to their super-secret lair in a Prius. Maybe that was in an effort to offset the horrible emissions emanating from their Mythmobile, which appears to have been based on an '80s Camaro. We're sure that they are hard at work coming up with a cleaner, greener new Mythmobile, since their last one had troubles with the grappling hook. Maybe they will convert the engine to use on-demand hydrogen funneled into the intake manifold. Wait a second, they busted that one a long time ago. Nevermind. Perhaps instead, they'll make their own car which, of course, will be electric and have a range of 300 miles on a single charge. While we're dreaming of our mythical car, what else should it be capable of? Sounds like we have an entire episode in the making on our hands!

[Source: Mythbusters]

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