Electric vehicles seem to have a bright future ahead of them. Although it may take a little while before a majority of our cars and trucks are running on electrons instead of gasoline, there appears to be a slice of the recreational market that's ready to make the switch now. Just over a year ago, we wrote about a new electric ATV that was co-designed by Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters fame, and the machine seems to be progressing nicely. Barefoot Motors calls their machine an Earth Utility Vehicle, and it carries a load of lithium iron phosphate batteries with enough juice to travel for about 20 miles, equivalent to between 4 and 5 hours of run time. The test-bed is built atop a Polaris ATV chassis that originally housed an 800cc gas engine. Although it didn't make the television show, Hyneman's electric ATV was able to outperform its gas-powered sibling under Mythbuster-approved testing. According to the company's internal blog, the Model One is very close to production. Check past the break for a few videos of the machine in action.

[Source: Wired]


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