One of the best shows on television right now is Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. The premise of the show is that the hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, and their team, pick two or three urban legends or other ideas every episode and then try to bust them. They choose myths that can actually be tested, and then take a scientific approach to determine if they are true or not. In the past they've tested myths like the five second rule, daVinci's steam cannon and whether dropping a toaster in a bathtub would actually kill you.

Why am I writing about this here? Well we write many stories here about hydrogen and one frequent question from readers regards safety. Coming up in a new episode (airing next Wednesday, January 10 at 9pm EST), they will be looking at the most famous hydrogen related accident of all time, the crash of the Hindenburg. Adam and Jamie will testing whether hydrogen was really the cause of the accident or the construction of the zeppelin's skin. These guys are pretty thorough so it will be interesting to see what they learn.

[Source: Discovery Channel]

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