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An Indianapolis woman who has spent three years waiting for a kidney is reaching out to her community in the hopes that someone will be willing to help save her life.


A successful prank requires strong planning, crackerjack timing, and an unwitting target.


A man recorded a woman in California as she left her infant alone in the back of a car on a hot day while she shopped.

Police in Canada arrested a drunk-driving mom after her terrified 9-year-old called 911 on her last week.

Moms are seen as better traveling companions, though Dads are considered better drivers

Sorry, Dads, you're the better drivers, but you still stink on road trips. According to a new study from Visiting Angels, an in-home care company, 54 percent of adult children would rather take a trip with their mother than their father.

She warned attacker 'You've messed with the wrong witch"

Carjacker Ismael Martinez probably wishes he never messed with this Mom after his failed robbery attempt ended with him being run over by his victim.


Nissan is taking the careful approach as it brings out its second electric vehicle. To show off the car's practicality, Nissan gave seven moms in suburban Japan the chance to test drive the New Mobility Concept vehicle to see how it works transporting their kids, going shopping and running errands. The Tokyu Corp. has joined with Nissan and the city of Yokohama for the Yokohama Mobility Project Zero, which was designed to increase low-carbon transportation locally.

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My mom was pretty cool when it came to her taste in cars - I have fond memories of tooling around town in her 1966 Volkswagen Beetle convertible. Red with a white top and interior, it was a cool car to be seen in. But, before we were old enough to appreciate such things, we had the family-mobiles that you likely remember from youth as well, in our case it was usually a minivan. I remember when my parents came home with a first-generation Dodge Caravan in burgundy. Featuring a four-cylinder, it w

var digg_url = 'http://digg.com/business_finance/The_How_To_Guide_on_Buying_Your_Mom_a_Car_for_Mother_s_Day'; Think about everything your mom has bought you in your lifetime. Who paid for those car magazines before you were gainfully employed? Who gave you gas money to get back to campus after a quick visit home? And who was there with bail money when you really needed it? That's right, Mom.