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You know that Europeans have the option to use minivans with decent mileage to haul around their children but still, for just a child or two on those tight and narrow streets, one might want something smaller, no? How about a Fiat Panda adapted for a mothers' needs? Fiat has a new model called the Fiat Mamy (read it like "mummy"), which is fitted with specific equipment for mothers: an additional rear view mirror to check out the kids in the back seat, hooks in the trunk to hold bags or rucksacks, washable upholstery, extra door pockets, anti skid floors and funky exterior paint such as eggplant and orange. And before you think this is a sexist post, I agree: we dads could use some of these features too! Regarding powertrains, the Panda can use the existing 1.2-liter gasoline or the impressive 1.3 JTD diesel which get around 5.5 l/100 km (more than 42 mpg U.S.). Prices start at €10,600 in Spain.

[Source: Fiat]

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