The How-To guide on buying your mom a car for Mother's Day

Think about everything your mom has bought you in your lifetime. Who paid for those car magazines before you were gainfully employed? Who gave you gas money to get back to campus after a quick visit home? And who was there with bail money when you really needed it? That's right, Mom.
Can any pure bred auto enthusiast deny that there is no more meaningful gift a son or daughter could give in return than a brand new car? It's a dream very few of us will fulfill in our lifetime, but one guy is planning to do just that this weekend when he presents his mom with a brand new Mercury Milan on Mother's Day.

Who knew that giving your mom a car could be so complicated? We didn't until we read this forum post written by the aforementioned good son who goes by Crystallas on the Ford Fusion Drivers Association website. Apparently, there are lots of things to consider that should ensure your mom's smile on Mother's Day stretches from ear to ear and doesn't turn upside down.

It might be small stuff like what color you should pick, but if you get that one wrong she'll leave your present in the garage like a cardigan that doesn't match her favorite blouse. And does she even want a new car in the first place? If you replace her trusty and reliable K-car, she may never forgive you. The presentation of the gift is crucial, as well. Make sure you have a glowing review of the winning car handy when you hand over the keys.

There's plenty more tips for giving your mom the ultimate gift by clicking the Read link below.

Thanks for the tip, Carl!


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