Nissan is taking the careful approach as it brings out its second electric vehicle. To show off the car's practicality, Nissan gave seven moms in suburban Japan the chance to test drive the New Mobility Concept vehicle to see how it works transporting their kids, going shopping and running errands. The Tokyu Corp. has joined with Nissan and the city of Yokohama for the Yokohama Mobility Project Zero, which was designed to increase low-carbon transportation locally.

Nissan thinks that its Leaf and the upcoming two-seat mobility cousin are ideal for the narrow, crowded streets of suburban Japan. The New Mobility Concept is based on the Twizy electric vehicle previously launched by alliance partner automaker Renault.

After driving it a couple of laps, trial participant Yoko Sonobe fell in love with the New Mobility Concept. "We own a big, eight-seater car, and it always seems a little over the top to use it for such small things as going shopping. But if I had something this compact, it's much less of a hassle to drive the children around or to run small errands to the supermarket," Sonobe said in the Nissan video. Watch the video below to find out if the New Mobility Concept could be "perfect even for moms."

Nissan said the volunteers will use the new mobility concept vehicles at home for two weeks – taking four-hour, full charges from their home sockets. Akihiko Hoshi from the Ministry of Transport said it's important to teach people how to use the electric car safely. After a three-year trial period, the NMC could be ready for launch, according to the video.

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