An Indianapolis woman who has spent three years waiting for a kidney is reaching out to her community in the hopes that someone will be willing to help save her life.

Misty Vincent was diagnosed with a kidney disease when she was just 15 years old. Now, 19 years later, her kidneys are shutting down. Vincent must now endure a rounds of dialysis every four to six hours, everyday. There are 1,200 people waiting for a kidney in Indiana. Vincent has been waiting on a new organ for so long she was about to give up hope. Before giving up, she made one last ditch attempt to get a new kidney.

"They were all over one day for a cookout and we just went out there and stared writing on cars," Vincent told CBS4Indy.

Misty Vincent and her family wrote "Need Kidney, Type-O" followed by the number for St. Vincent's Hospital and her case number on six of their cars. They then drove around Indianapolis area. The message seems to be working. St. Vincent's has already received several calls inquiring about donating a kidney directly to Vincent.

"I just keep thinking every time I get stopped like wow, somebody really wants to help me. It surprises me every time it happens," Vincent told CBS4. Vincent, and people like her serve as a stark reminder that there is a desperate need for vital organs across the country. You can make a life saving gift by registering to be an organ donor here.

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