Moms are the better road trip companion (Shutterstock).
Sorry, dads, you're the better drivers, but as road trip companions, you come up a little short. According to a new study from Visiting Angels, an in-home care company, 54 percent of adult children would rather take a trip with their mother than their father.

The group asked 400 adults with parents at least 65 years old who would be a better road trip companion. Moms won, with 65 percent saying she kept the car cleaner than dads and 60 percent saying she picked better music. Sixty percent said dads were too controlling.

Even though Dad was determined to be more likely to engage in bad driving habits, more likely to engage in road rage and more likely to nod off behind the wheel, 63 percent still considered him better driver. Almost a third of respondents said moms drive too slowly. Eighty-five percent said they were more likely to ask for directions.

Inside the car, though, Mom was less annoying, a critical attribute for a road trip companion, though 63 percent did say their moms would subject them to deep conversations from which there was no escape. Apparently, however, the assault on the ears one gets with Mom is preferable to the assault on the nose that comes from Dad: 77 percent said their fathers were more likely to pass gas in the car.

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