A successful prank requires strong planning, crackerjack timing, and an unwitting target. Obviously well versed in pranking, a recently returned Iraq veteran from Georgia executed a flawless prank on his mother with the help of local law enforcement.

According to 6 Action News, Army Staff Sergeant Saloman Robinson recently returned early from a tour of duty in Iraq and wanted to surprise his mother. Instead of just showing up at the house unannounced, he called up the chief of police in his home town of West Point, Georgia and cooked up a fantastic prank to, in his own words, "Get her good". With everything in place and Robinson hiding in the back of a police cruiser with flowers and balloons, local police waited patiently for their mark.

Claudette Hutchinson, Sgt. Robinson's mother, was on her way to volunteer in her minivan when Robinson and his WPPD accomplices sprung their trap. The officer pulled Hutchinson over and informed her that she was a suspect in a hit-and-run crash, which was a surprise to Hutchinson as she had just left her house. The officer took her licence and registration and returned to the cruiser where he handed them to Robinson. The officer then returned and had Hutchinson step out of her van and come to the rear of the vehicle to "inspect accident damage".

A short conversation ensued wherein the officer grills Hutchinson about the alleged hit-and-run. After a few minutes of runaround, the officer tells her that "his partner" is going to return her licence and papers to her. At this point, Robinson approached the van with the license, papers, and gifts. Hutchinson turned around and, instead of another officer, saw her son standing there in his ACUs handing her a bunch of balloons. Like any mother in this situation, Hutchinson screamed for a solid five seconds, hugged her son, and then threatened to kill him.

The entire hilarious and touching scene was caught on the WPPD officer's dash cam. Robinson deploys again in two weeks.

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