What kind of car would your mother want you to drive?

My mom was pretty cool when it came to her taste in cars - I have fond memories of tooling around town in her 1966 Volkswagen Beetle convertible. Red with a white top and interior, it was a cool car to be seen in. But, before we were old enough to appreciate such things, we had the family-mobiles that you likely remember from youth as well, in our case it was usually a minivan. I remember when my parents came home with a first-generation Dodge Caravan in burgundy. Featuring a four-cylinder, it was probably pretty decent on gas. Good luck trying to find a four-pot minivan these days, though. Ever higher gas prices have made hybrids the only fashionable way to get by with anything less than six cylinders. With this in mind, we weren't surprised to see that minivans were the top choice by the mothers from Mother Proof. If minivans are out of the question, SUV's still seem to be a popular choice for moms.

Mother Proof offers a category solely for hybrids, with the Toyota Highlander hybrid taking top honors, followed by the new Tahoe hybrid. Neither is as efficient as a more mundane hybrid like the Prius or even an Escape, but perhaps the mothers from Mother Proof don't think that those vehicles have enough room for the average family. No real mention of flex-fuel vehicles or diesels, although the Mercedes M-Class, which took second place for two-row SUVs, is available with a pretty good diesel engine, as is the unranked Jeep Grand Cherokee.

[Source: Mother Proof via Kicking Tires]

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