Man records woman who left baby in car while shopping

A man recorded a woman in California as she left her infant alone in the back of a car on a hot day while she shopped. Manny Williams recorded the 3-month-old crying unattended in the back seat of a Toyota Prius parked outside of a Gamestop in Richmond, CA. Williams uploaded the video to his Facebook page last week.

"She's in Gamestop while baby is in the car crying," Williams said in the video. He then panned to the Gamestop where the child's mother can be seen browsing games. Williams said he told her five times her baby was alone and crying.

"She don't care. She'd rather get - she'd rather get a game, she'd rather get a video game than taking care of her baby that's in a car, by itself, crying on a hot day." As he continued to film, the mother came out of the store and got in the car, but only to roll up the windows. Williams was shocked.

"She done rolled up all the windows now to go back in while the baby is in the car by itself!" Williams' says the boy was left for over 20 minutes alone in the car. The video has garnered 1.4 million views since he posted the footage on Saturday.

Richmond police visited the mother of the infant at her home. Her two children, 6-year-old and 3-month-old boys were found safe and happy, Lt. Felix Tan told KTVU. The woman told police her car was running and the air conditioning was on. While the child may not have been in danger of hyperthermia, it's generally not a good idea to leave a defenseless child in a running car. Tan also had harsh words for Williams' actions. He point out that Williams seemed more interested in harassing the woman and making his video then calling 911 to help the child.

"If a person was there and actually saw the kids that were in dire need of help, I would certainly hope that instead of filming, let's lend a hand," Tan told KTVU. Williams told the station that he did call 911, and he isn't fazed by the criticism.

"Honestly, I really don't care because I know in my heart what I did, you know? And I'm going to get blessings from God one way or the other for doing the right thing," he told the station. "I wasn't one of those people that you see just walk past and turn the other way or ignore it, 'it's not my problem.' "

The case now goes to the district attorney, who will decide if charges should be filed against the mother. Leaving a child in a car alone is extremely dangerous. Cars can heat up to dangerous levels in a matter of minutes even on a mild day. And the younger the child, the less capable their bodies are of cooling down. On average, 37 children die every years in America after being left in hot cars. In 2016, four children have died, according to

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