Carjacker Ismael Martinez probably wishes he had never messed with this Mom after his failed robbery attempt ended with him being run over by his victim. Dorothy Baker-Flugence was getting into her minivan with her two–year old and five-year old children when a knife-welding man popped out from the back seat. She told him he shouldn't have come after someone with kids.

"You messed with the wrong witch," Baker-Flugence told ABC 13.

Martinez demanded that she drive to an ATM, the entire time threatening her children with a knife. Baker-Flugence began driving around in circles, trying to buy enough time for her to dial 911 while disorienting her attacker. When he tried to get the phone from her they struggled, leaving Baker-Flugence with slash marks on her chest and a bite on her hand. She overpowered Martinez and after punching him in the face he fled the vehicle.

She then took aim with the family van and hit Martinez. She said all she wanted to do is stop him from hurting anyone else.

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