Police in Canada arrested a drunk-driving mom after her terrified 9-year-old called 911 on her last week. The boy was riding in a van with his mom when he made the emergency call last Wednesday. A 911 dispatcher picked up, but the boy didn't say anything and hung up. When dispatch called the number back, he told them he was afraid because his mother was drinking behind the wheel. He was able to tell police approximately where they were and what the van looked liked shortly before his mother took the phone and told the operator she had only had one drink and hung up. Police where able to figure out her approximate location and pulled the 52-year-old woman over in the town of Newmarket, just north of Toronto. During a breathalyzer test she blew twice the legal limit.

"The boy is a hero, that's for sure," York police Constable Andy Pattenden told Global News. "It's an unbelievable situation where he has the wherewithal to make that call to 911 and stop basically an emergency or a crime in process even though it's his mother."

The boy's father picked him up from the police station, where the wife and mother was being held on DUI charges. Everyone at the station thanked the boy for his bravery. "It's an amazing story. One I've never heard of in my time of policing," Pattenden said. "It's unfortunate we can't name him due to the circumstances, but let's call him an unsung hero."

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