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Woman who embezzled $1.1 million from BMW dealership sentenced to 30 months in prison

She used some of the money to buy a $50,000 Ford Mustang

She used some of the money to buy a $50,000 Ford Mustang.

Elon Musk SEC fraud lawsuit sends Tesla shares tumbling

Some analysts think he might actually have to resign

Some analysts think he might actually have to resign.

SEC sues Elon Musk, accuses him of fraud, and Tesla stock drops

Says Musk 'knew or was reckless in not knowing' he was misleading investors

Says Musk 'knew or was reckless in not knowing' he was misleading investors

Lawsuits accuse Tesla's Musk of fraud over tweets, proposal to go private

Tweets were a 'nuclear attack' to 'completely decimate' short-sellers

Tweets were a 'nuclear attack' to 'completely decimate' short-sellers.

Is Elon Musk acting irresponsibly, illegally or simply doing the right thing for Tesla?

The tweet heard 'round the automotive world was bold, to say the least

The tweet heard 'round the automotive world was bold, to say the least.

And that's why you never try to scam a toll camera

Florida man gets caught, sees felony charges.

You gotta pay the toll, troll.

Cousins convicted of rolling millions of miles off odometers

A court in the British county of Lancashire sentenced two cousins to two years in jail and $130,000 in fines for rolling four million miles off the odometers of used cars they bought and fraudulently resold.

New York woman draws her own license plate

A woman from Sardinia, NY, was arrested after police noticed her license plate was less official and more of a bad art project.

What you need to know about dealer odometer fraud

Despite Vehicle History Reports, Odometer Fraud Is Still A Multi-Billion-Dollar Business

A look at how unscrupulous dealers and car auctions doctor odometers, and what to do if you find yourself a victim.

Driver learns the value of a dashboard camera the hard way

A woman in San Diego learned the value of recording everything that happens on the road this weekend when a man tried to scam her while in traffic.

VW diesel incentives could be fuel for prosecutors

The government incentives that buyers of VW's diesels received in 2009 could be used to form a fraud case against the automaker by prosecutors in the US.

Biodiesel huckster will give up Picasso, Renoir to Feds

The US Federal Government is seizing valuable property that includes art work from Picasso, Renoir, Nieman, Miro, and Salvador Dali from a man who pleaded guilty in a scheme involving biodiesel.

350Green EV charging company execs accused of fraud

Company Secured $3 Million in Federal Contracts

350Green executives are charged with fraud over vehicle-charging networks planned for Chicago.

Man who drove Bugatti Veyron into lake pleads guilty, faces 20 years in prison [w/video]

Remember the guy who caught on video driving a Bugatti Veyron into the Gulf Bay in Texas? Well, he's now facing a few decades behind bars. You might wonder why some seriously bad driving in a million-dollar supercar could lead to such a long stint in the slammer. Well, Andy Lee House of Lufkin, TX, pled guilty to wire mail fraud in federal court in the Eastern District of Texas. As it turns out, crashing the car was all about getting

Singapore car salesman jailed for gambling away $280k Maserati deposit

Kenny Rogers' country classic The Gambler is right about two things: you gotta know when to hold'em and know when to fold'em. A former Maserati salesman in Singapore is learning that lesson about when to step away from the table, after being sentenced to 33 months in prison for allegedly gambling away a customer's deposit of 350,000 Singapore dollars ($280,800).

Police Charge 41 In Insurance Scam Involving Dead Deer

Mechanic stored deer carcasses, blood and fur to fool insurence adjusters

Forty-one people in Philadelphia are facing charges in what prosecutors call an elaborate insurance fraud scheme that used dead deer to fake car accidents.

Edmunds settles with marketing firm accused of faking dealer reviews

Back in July, Edmunds sued a Texas company named Humankind Design Ltd. for fraud and breach of contract. Among other services, Humankind Design claims to be an online reputation management company, but the lawsuit says that the site created 2,200 fake accounts in order to post positive dealerships reviews on Edmunds.com.

Pedestrian fakes hilariously bad hit, foiled by Russian dash cam

After the Good-Samaritan-fest that was the last Russian dash cam video, it's back to our regularly scheduled program of scamming and madness. This time, it's a woman who attempts to pretend she's been hit by a car and rendered unconscious, the same tired con-job that happens to be one of the primary reasons that Russians probably perform more surveillance on themselves than the state does.

This Is Why Russians Have Dash Cams

Woman fakes being hit, but the driver has it all on camera

Have you ever wondered why every great dash cam video comes from Russia? Wonder no more. This dash cam footage found on autoevolution.com captures the kind of fraud Russian drivers deal with every day.

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