Have you ever wondered why every great dash cam video comes from Russia? Wonder no more. This dash cam footage found on autoevolution.com captures the kind of fraud Russian drivers deal with every day.

A woman ran up to this car, which stopped far short of making contact with her, and began to simulate a hit. She slammed her fists on the hood, which was unconvincing as she was standing in front of a car at a dead stop. The driver was wise to her scheme and even backed up to capture the woman as she threw the contents of her purse around and rolled in the street for effect.

The cops arrived to find her playing dead at the scene. The first thing the driver did is remove the dash cam for the damning video evidence. Fraud is a major problem on Russian roads, and the purpose of the dash cam is to protect drivers from unscrupulous criminals and traffic cops on the take. NYC-based Russian blogger Marina Galperina wrote that cheaply mounted cameras which record continuously are often more affordable than car insurance in a country rife with hit and runs. Russian courts also would rather see video evidence rather than testimony in cases that can quickly devolve into he said she said tactics.

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