A woman from Sardinia, NY, was arrested after police noticed her license plate was less an official marking and more of a bad art project. Deputies spotted the poorly plagiarized plate on Amanda Schweickert's car as she drove through Springville, NY, WIVB reported. As far as fakes go, this one was hardly convincing. It appears that Schweickert took a stack of Crayola markers to a license plate-ish size slab of cardboard and thought 'good enough.' She at least stopped at hot gluing macaroni to it. How she thought this would fool authorities is anyone's guess.

Naturally, the cops arrested Schweickert and charged her with a felony count of possessing a forged instrument and misdemeanor counts of driving on a suspended registration, as well as three traffic and vehicle infractions. But her crimes against art will unfortunately go unpunished. She is currently being held at the Erie County Holding Center on a $400 bond.

Schweickert is not the only person to try and pull off an arts and crafts license plate. In 2014, a Massachusetts woman was arrested for driving with an equally hilarious homemade plate made out of cardboard, according to MassLive. Fake license plates are also a favorite of so called 'Sovereign Citizens' who feel that state and federal laws don't apply to them, even as they use state and federal roads. The Newsminer reported a man in Alaska drove around with a fake plate on the back of his 1985 Ford Pinto that read "Approved National Non-Commercial Private Property Without Prejudice UCC 1-308 1-303.6." When pulled over, he handed the officer a card demanding $15,000, to be paid in gold, before answering any questions. He apparently failed to impress the officer and ended up with a felony charge as well.

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