A Florida man's plan to troll the toll cameras on an expressway in Orlando fell apart last week after cops caught him using his remote controlled license plate obscuring device.

Joshua Concepcion-West was caught dropping a curtain over his license plate while driving through the toll plaza on Conway Road in Orlando, FL. He dropped the curtain just before driving through the booth, only to raise it on the other side, making his license plate visible again. By obscuring his plate, the toll cameras were unable to charge Concepcion-West the $1.25 needed to pass through. While this seems ingenious, Concepcion-West is now facing felony charges over a $1.25 worth of toll fees. He probably, however, bilked the state for much more than the one time fee, police note.

"Because the tag was obscured, we don't know yet how many times this vehicle has run the toll, so we don't know how much money he's stolen from the state," said Sgt. Kim Montes told WFTS. Skipping tolls can certainly add up. In 2013, a man ended up with a bill of $202,000 for his unpaid tolls. He'll pay $154 a month to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority for the next 54 years.

This isn't the first time we've seen drivers go to great lengths to avoid paying tolls either. Last year, a trucker tried to sneak across the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey by blocking his front facing license plate while driving through the E-ZPass toll booth. Police found the trucker had attached fishing wire to his license place, and was able to flip his plate up with just a quick pull on the line.

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