Driver learns the value of a dashboard camera the hard way

A woman in San Diego learned the value of recording everything that happens on the road this weekend when a man tried to scam her while in traffic.

Tom, who didn't give WKBW Buffalo his last name, told the news station he mounted a dashboard camera to his wife's SUV after a near miss earlier this year. The camera was rolling Sunday afternoon when a sedan ahead of her SUV suddenly stopped 20 feet from a stop sign in North Park, California. She slammed on the brakes, stopping just short of hitting the sedan.

The driver, however, got out of his car and started berating the woman for rear-ending his car. He was so aggressive she drove away, fearing for her and her children's safety. Later she called the police, and found out the other driver had contacted them as well. Tom's wife was surprised to learn the other car had a damaged bumper and was blaming her. The two exchanged insurance information, despite the lack of damage to the SUV.

When police told the driver of the sedan that there was a recording of the incident he seemingly disappeared. Tom's theory is that the man was running a scam. "So I'm speculating because he realizes he got rear ended or something happened, and how he wants to get paid for it and we were going to be the victims," Tom told WKBW.

This story clearly illustrates why everyone should consider investing in dashboard-mounted cameras for their cars. Russian drivers have known the value of dashboard cameras for years. Insurance fraud is rife in Russia, and certainly happens on American roads as well. Dash cams have already helped driver's here in the states, whether its catching a dealership employee behaving badly, or a cop threatening drivers during a traffic stop.

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