Two men were convicted of fraud in the northwestern United Kingdom after wiping four million miles off the odometers of used cars. The cousins are suspected of having rolled back the clocks on hundreds of vehicles that they purchased and re-sold, though investigators could only identify three dozen such vehicles, for which they were convicted.

Cousins Nazim Hussain, 33, and Mohammed Aseeb Hussain, 30, reportedly spent nearly $5 million buying hundreds of used cars from one auction house alone over the course of two years. They then rolled back the odometers and sold the vehicles under false pretenses. Many were high-end Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Range Rover vehicles. Most had their odometers defrauded of over 100,000 miles, some by more than 200,000 miles, but none by less than 46,000.

The scheme was uncovered when one customer's car kept breaking down despite what appeared to be relatively low mileage. Investigators from Lancashire Trading Standards looked into the matter, and the deeper they dug, the more cases they found. In one case, a customer didn't even make it home in the vehicle just purchased before it broke down.

Judge Simon Newell of the Burnley Crown Court sentenced each to two years behind bars and ordered them to pay a combined $130,000 in damages, to be split among 22 victims. Nazim Hussain was found to have gained $1.86 million from the criminal activities and will have three months to pay one tenth of that amount – approximately $18,600 – or else have 20 months added to his 26-month sentence. Mohammed Aseeb Hussain benefited to the tune of $2.3 million, of which he will have to pay $10,000 lest he face an extra 13 months on top of his 24-month prison sentence.

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