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The most and least popular car colors

Despite vibrant choices, most people stick with bland

The most and least popular car colors

Despite vibrant choices, most people stick with bland

Chevy Corvette gets three new colors for 2022

Ampilfy Orange, Hypersonic Gray and Caffeine join the palette

The 2022 Genesis GV70 is available in a surprising rainbow of colors

It offers matte burgundy or green paint, plus interiors with blue, green or purple leather

The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is wonderfully colorful. Here's what we'd choose

From Mamba Green paint to gold wheels and orange seat inserts, get creative

Dakar Yellow! Mint Green! Behold the glory that is the BMW Individual Visualizer

We pretty much spent our entire afternoon building a rainbow of BMWs

Rivian reveals all the R1T's colors and trim-level details

Configurator will open for reservation holders first, general public a week later

Here are all the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E paint and interior colors

There are eight paint colors, and Grabber Blue is one of them

Here are all the 2020 Porsche Taycan paint and interior colors

Choose from 10 paint colors and nine interior variants

Study finds yellow cars hold their value the best

Orange and green also did well, but stay away from gold

So you're buying a boring-old silver or black car because you figure those muted "colors" will help its resale price, eh? Well, as it turns out, going fun and bright might be a better call. Used-car search engine site ISeeCars.com recently analyzed more than 2.1 million sales of used cars from the 2014 model year and found wide variances in depreciation rates based on the color of the paint finish. Yellow

'No pink': Why there are some colors Ferrari won't do

"There are other colors that aren't in our DNA as well."

Ferrari is fond of red, yellow, white, or a color of your choice. Just not every color of your choice.

Why does Chevy want to trademark Camaro Krypton?

General Motors now has trademarks for both Krypton and Camaro Krypton. They suggest that the company is considering a new color for the pony car or just maybe a special edition for the upcoming Superman movie.

David Coulthard pulls world's most colorful donuts in a Red Bull F1 car

Red Bull has one of the busiest globetrotting road show crews in the business, and when it arrived in India for its latest event, David Coulthard kicked up a colorful cloud of smoke and sand to the delight of the local crowds.

How the 'unpretentious beauty' of 'flyover states' will influence your next car color

Chemical giant BASF is getting mighty philosophical in its 2014 report Under the

Yellow, orange surprise as best paint colors for car resale value

It might be worth choosing a color other than the standard black or silver next time you're car shopping. A new study conducted by the used car search engine iSeeCars.com of over 20 million previously owned vehicles last year finds that less popular shades lead to lower price depreciation than the usually more favored hues. Yellow and orange show the lowest price drop in the analysis versus black, gray and silver with the biggest dives.

Lexus asks fans to help name new orange shade for RC F

Flip through the catalog for most Lexus models and you're bound to see an array of different shades of beige and gray. But even Lexus has its wilder side, denoted by the letter F, and those models can wear brighter hues.

2014 Chevy Volt available in two new colors, Brownstone Metallic and Ashen Gray Metallic

General Motors is adding two rather businesslike color choices for potential buyers of the Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in: Brownstone Metallic and Ashen Gray Metallic.

White remains world's most popular car paint color, copper and bronze rising

When it came to paint colors on new cars, for ten years, silver was the one hue to rule them all, not just extending its lead through 2009 and 2010 but doing so in the U.S., Europe and Asia. The revolution came in 2011, Jonathon Ramsey

Has Apple's influence made white cars cool?

When you think of Apple products, what color comes to mind? If you purchased a MacBook this year, maybe aluminum's gray hue, but for everyone else, the color that likely comes to mind is that clean white, maybe with a white Apple logo in the middle. According to a Fortune article, that prevalence may have led to a shift in popular car colors. While silver was the longtime favorite color, designers have apparently fallen for white. Says t

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