David Coulthard pulls world's most colorful donuts in a Red Bull F1 car

With cars covered in blue, red, yellow and purple, Red Bull has some of the most colorful chassis on the Formula One grid since Benetton. But the team kicked things up a notch when it arrived in Hyderabad, India, for a demonstration event.

In an apparent nod to local traditions, the road show team sprinkled colored sand on the tarmac and had David Coulthard pull some donuts for the crowd, kicking up a technicolor spectrum of smoke and sand that only Red Bull could pull off, and only in India.

The event was evidently a big hit with the spectators, who haven't had an actual F1 race to go to since the last Indian Grand Prix in 2013, and that was a very full day's drive north near New Delhi. It's worth noting, though, that Sebastian Vettel won that race for Red Bull each of the three years it was held.

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