Off the top of your head, how many colors do you think Ferraris come in? There's the famous rosso corsa, of course. Then there's yellow, which is objectively the best Ferrari color. I know a guy with a pristine early-90s 348ts in coke-dealer white, and there are definitely black and silver Ferraris out there.

But if you've ever wondered why you can't get a Ferrari in any garish color you want, a Ferrari exec recently discussed which of the company's colors are most popular and why you'll never see a pink Ferrari.

"It just doesn't fit into our whole ethos to be honest," Ferrari's Australasia CEO Herbert Appleroth told "It's a brand rule. No pink. No Pokémon Ferraris!"

When asked about other colors, Appleroth suggested that while they might be OK for other, more plebeian cars, they were not right for Ferrari.

"There are other colors that aren't in our DNA as well, and they are wonderful colors too, but some are perhaps more suited to other brands."

Appleworth went on to say that Ferrari strives to provide a highly customizable car-buying experience.

"Enzo Ferrari used to say a different Ferrari for every Ferrari-ista, as globally we don't want two cars to be the same," he told "There are many different levels of personalization from sitting in the dealership and working through all of your options to the tailor-made program where you fly to Italy to the factory in Maranello and sit in the atelier and work out your specifications."

So, while big-bucks supercar buyers have near infinite interior and drivetrain options when ordering a new Ferrari, they'll have to settle for after market sprays or custom wraps to get that perfect shade of pink on their Lusso.

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