When you think of Apple products, what color comes to mind? If you purchased a MacBook this year, maybe aluminum's gray hue, but for everyone else, the color that likely comes to mind is that clean white, maybe with a white Apple logo in the middle. According to a Fortune article, that prevalence may have led to a shift in popular car colors. While silver was the longtime favorite color, designers have apparently fallen for white. Says the report "Prior to Apple, white was associated with things like refrigerators or tiles in your bathroom. Apple made white valuable."

But not too fast, as the Yahoo! story that the Fortune article cites point to brown as a leading color in the modern car market. Jane Harrington, Global Color Manager for paint company PPG offered her insights on why that may be: "Think of the experience of a good coffee, good chocolate, great pieces of wood." Apparently, we associate the color brown with genuine materials and handmade luxury.

We could always do as the Yahoo! post did and cite our very own Alex Nunez: "We grew up at a time when you had all these brown cars in active use... this stuff is sort of subliminally ingrained as a feel good thing – these browns and earth tone colors."

How much does Nunez appreciate brown cars, you ask? He's only the founder of the Brown Car Appreciation Society. Hey, everyone has to have a thing.

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