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2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class vs big luxury off-roaders: How they compare on paper

The new G 550 and G 63 vs Range Rover, LX 570 and Bentayga

During our first drive of the 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class, the all-new SUV's product manager was asked to identify competitors that might have been benchmarked in its development. The look on his face was about the same as if someone had asked him to recite King Lear in Klingon. As far as Andreas Hoeppel was concerned, the G 550 and AMG G 63 doesn't actually have a rival, or at least something the engineers and designers thought to compare it against. The G-Class is a G-Class, who cares what the

BMW to decide on a posh X8 SUV this year

Could be up there in the Bentayga and Cullinan stratosphere

At the beginning of 2017 we heard reports that BMW planners were considering an X8 SUV boasting almighty luxury, and if approved, it could be ready for 2020 reveal. BMW didn't greenlight the X8 last year, but BMW Blog reports that the Munich carmaker will decide on production this year. Depending on the kind of X8 BMW decides to build, the upper end of amenities and options could mingle in price with entry-level SUVs in the Bentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan sphere.

Rhys Millen will drive a Bentley Bentayga at Pikes Peak

Bentley wants to grab the Production SUV class record for itself

Despite Bentley positioning its Bentayga SUV as a luxury vehicle, Bentley doesn't want us to forget that it's also a storied motorsport brand. Even the Bentayga can be used for record hunting, as Bentley is eager to show. It has hired two-time Pikes Peak hill climb winner Rhys Millen to take a Bentayga to the mountaintop.

Lamborghini will enter the Urus in off-road competition

It'll benchmark, but not follow, the Bentley Bentayga's assault on Pike's Peak

Lamborghini still has several months until it starts shipping its new 189.5-mph Urus SUV to customers, but the brand is already thinking about proving its mettle by entering the luxury ute in an unspecified all-roads competition.

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