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Hot Wheels picks a 1974 Chevy Impala as Legends Tour's final find

It will now compete against the tour's other selections

Impala SS vs. Marauder: Recalling Detroit’s muscle sedans 

The B-body, the Panther platform and an era when 260 hp was a lot

Cherry 1996 Chevy Impala SS with only 2,173 miles is big American sedan heaven

Couldn't buy one brand new? Here's your chance, it's for auction on Bring a Trailer

The Chevrolet Impala through the years: 1958–2020

Chevrolet's full-size sedan is officially no more

The Chevrolet Impala has officially been discontinued for the third time. Take a walk with us down memory lane as we explore the model's history.

2020 Chevy Impala Last Drive | A car that works gets laid off

A 2,000-mile trip in Chevrolet's big sedan, into the pantheon of automotive history

Chevy Impala — here's what's in store for its final year

You'll pay more because Chevrolet eliminated slow-selling base trim

GM won't budge on closing Oshawa, so workers protest and walk off the job

Says Unifor boss after meeting company leaders: 'I'm furious right now'

Says Unifor boss after meeting company leaders: 'I'm furious right now.'

Could the Chevy Impala be the next American sedan to go?

It gets three ridiculously minor updates for 2019

Ford's announcement that it will stop investing in its lineup of sedans in North America and instead fill out its portfolio with more trucks, SUVs and commercial vehicles raises the question of what crosstown rival GM will do with its own fleet of cars. Or maybe, when it will do it. And by "it," we don't mean, "invest heavily in a new generation."

2019 Toyota Avalon vs. full-size sedans: How they compare on paper

New Avalon vs. LaCrosse, Impala, Maxima and Lexus ES

Full-size sedans aren't exactly in great demand at the moment, and at least one of the vehicles in this comparison has been rumored to be on the endangered species list. Yet, we've just had our first drive in the 2019 Toyota Avalon, and if anything has a chance of rejuvenating the segment a bit, it's an all-new version of what has long been the segment's benchmark.

Chevy Volt may get killed off by 2022

Report says the move would make way for battery-electric cars and crossovers.

Report says the move would make way for battery-electric cars and crossovers.

America's Most Stolen Cars in 2016

These were the most stolen cars in the US in 2016.

Massachusetts town abuzz over bees in car trunk

Authorities in Fitchburg, Massachusetts believe that a bee hive was stashed in the trunk of a parked car with malicious intent.

How American is that new car or truck?

Kogod's 2016 index goes beyond the window sticker data to determine how much of your car was built in the USA.

GM recalling 1.4 million older vehicles for oil leak fire risk

GM is recalling 1.4 million older vehicles with its 3.8-liter V6 because oil can leak and cause a fire. The company has had campaigns for this issue before, and there are 1,345 reports of blazes in vehicles that had already been repaired.

2014-15 Chevy Impala recalled over airbag fault

GM is recalling 5,700 Chevy Impala sedans due to a manufacturing error that could cause a fault in the Automatic Occupant Sensing system.

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