Authorities in Fitchburg, Massachusetts believe that a bee hive was stashed in the trunk of a parked car with malicious intent.

According to the Sentinel And Enterprise, on June 19 Fitchburg Police were called in after neighborhood residents reported a large swarm of honeybees in and around a red Chevy Impala. When the police arrived, they noticed bees flying in and out of the vehicle's trunk. Upon opening the Impala's trunk, tons of bees swarmed out into the surrounding neighborhood. This prompted residents to flee into their homes and the police to call in backup.

"Being allergic I was kind of worried but, I mean, we went across the street and they were in that area so I was just watching from a close but safe distance. I was just going around the houses, like around the back just to avoid the bees," Pedro Viscaino, a witness to the incident, told the Sentinel.

One woman was stung on the nose by an errant bee, but required no medical attention. Thankfully, no other injuries were reported. Eventually, a team of beekeepers were called in to deal with the panicked, swarming bees.

Fitchburg police are now investigating the incident, and are looking for whomever placed the bees in the car for questioning.

Bees have been in the news a fair amount lately. Earlier this year, millions of bees were released after the truck carrying them crashed in Tennessee, and another crash in 2015 released angry bees that trapped an Oklahoma deputy in his car. In Wales, a swarm of confused bees descended on a man's car after he nipped into a local pub. All the way back in 2014 a Michigan man was stung to death after crashing his car into an abandoned, bee-infested house.

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