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Best and Worst GM Cars

We virtually sit down to discuss the General's greatest hits and worst misses

Australian politician asks GM to sell him Holden brand for $1 Aussie

Negotiations between GM and Holden dealers at a stalemate

Corvette with right-hand drive confirmed after GM kills Holden

It's for Japan and the U.K., but plans to sell in Australia are up in the air

GM kills Holden

Automaker says it can't justify the Australian brand's costs

The legendary Holden Commodore is dead, brand to sell only SUVs and pickups

The decision marks the end of Holden's reliance on Opel

2018 Holden Colorado Z71 Xtreme looks xtra cool

It's definitely a departure from the S10 and Blazer eXtreme

It's definitely a departure from the S10 and Blazer eXtreme.

Holden Special Vehicles ends Commodore run with 635-hp HSV GTS-R W1

Behold: The fastest, most powerful vehicle built in Australia.

Holden Special Vehicles rings in new era with Holden Colorado SportsCat by HSV

Australia gets a Ranger Wildtrak and Ranger Raptor fighter

Holden and Holden Special Vehicles begin a new partnership and a new era with the Holden Colorado SportsCat by HSV, a Colorado with mechanical and cosmetic upgrades.

Camaro Down Under: Holden HSV is bringing a big slice of 'Murica to Australia

Wait, Australia wasn't already getting the Camaro?

Consider it a consolation for the death of the rear-drive Commodore.

Holden will turn the Colorado into a turbodiesel road racer

It could have up to 340 horsepower

It will compete against five other types of compact pickup.

Next Holden Commodore will be based on the Opel Insignia

The end of the rear-drive Commodore is nigh

It won't be rear wheel drive, but Holden says it's trying to make sure this German Commodore lives up to its namesake.

Final Ford Falcon rolls off the line in Australia

The Blue Oval is done making cars in the land Down Under.

Holden could send the Commodore off as a four-door ZR1

Commodore GTS-R W1 could get the supercharged LS9.

The last HSV-branded Commodore is poised to be the greatest one ever.

Second part of Forza Horizon 3 car list revealed early

More cars from Down Under coming to the newest Forza Horizon installment.

2017 Chevy SS could get supercharged power boost

Even more power at a bargain price.

The Australian Holden Commodore's horsepower has grown over the years, but America's Chevy SS hasn't received the same attention. That could change in 2017.

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