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"General Motors believes in an all-electric future."

"General Motors believes in an all-electric future."

It's shaping up to be another down month industrywide.

Automotive sales figures for August 2017 are starting to be reported.

Caddy's range-topping sedan does not sleep with the fishes.

Cadillac boss Johan de Nysschen puts the kibosh on the killing talk.

A look back at Buick's long history of performance and style.

It really seems that the UAW wants to protect jobs by moving production to low-volume plants.

We sample all three variants of the new model.

This isn't your grandfather's Buick.

And it's cheaper than rivals from Acura and Lexus.

The GS packs a V6 and all-wheel drive.

It undercuts most of the competition for Europe.

The business school at American University determined the cars that most fit the description "made in America."

Well before Buick was tight with the Chinese, it was working to reconnect with middle class America.

The world's largest automakers are creating cars tailored specifically for the Chinese automobile market. Here are the latest from the Shanghai Auto Show.

If shopping for a $30,000 midsize sedan, the Regal and Sonata merit your attention.

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