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The Israel Government and ElectRoad are testing the use of wireless charging roads for electric vehicles. This is the same principle as wireless smartphone charging.


Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, and Michelin will help lead the change to greener tires.

Transparency, labor rights, and preventing deforestation are keys to the initiative.


It's backing the "Skydrive" car that would soar 33 feet above the ground.

The 9.5 foot-long SkyDrive would be the "world's smallest" flying EV.

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Full-Suspension Folding Frame Electric Bicycle. Designed for on or off-road. Top speed of 20 MPH.

Open Road

Technology used in car manufacturing is wonderful, to a point.

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A Corvette with more storage. What's not to like?

Spoiler alert: still won't fit large dogs.


Income is sliding, but Toyota's future plans may surprise you.

Akio Toyoda stated: "I believe that making ever-better cars starts with compact cars."


Why are our riskiest cars in the hands of our most-at-risk drivers, Australia's and New Zealand's safety organization wants to know.


One car was split down the middle.

Two people were sent to the hospital.

One of the later Shelby Mopars, now in a Phoenix wrecking yard.

The Shelby Daytona offered a lot of performance-per-dollar and were fairly quick for the era.

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Automaker plans to offer voluntary retirement incentives.