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Year-end reflections from Pittsburgh

Don Hammonds, one of my favorite newspaper auto writers, sums up 2004 in two words: Hybrids and Sedans. What does he mean? Well the sedan is back, even for American companies and hybrids will surely make their way to more models over the next few years. I think the hybrid in the Honda Accord is the most telling application. In a few years technology will lower the price enough that the hybrid powertrain will just be an option like diesels are for VW etc. They won't be a novelty by 2007. S

Ask Autoblog: What are the most anticipated cars of 2005?

We have a list of our most anticipated vehicles of 2005. Take a second and take part in the

Autoblog Garage: Car of the Year Awards

I decided to make-up totally silly award brackets for a number of the finalists from the four rounds. While they're

Subaru launches mini car

Over in Japan Subaru has introduced the R1, a new mini car for the Japanese market. Supposedly there are rear seats for two more passengers that can fold down for cargo. I can't imagine the size of the people that would fit back there but outside of infants I'm guessing this is a couples only vehicle. It will have a 4-cylinder DOHC engine, no boxster, pumping out 660 CCs and gets 57.36 mpg. Not too shabby and is sexier than that Smart Fortwo.

Speaking of SSR, plant gets shut for 5 weeks

With a backlog of over a 301-day supply of SSRs laying around, GM has shut the Lansing Craft Centre plant where the Super Sport Roadster is built. "GM remains committed to the Chevy SSR and our customers," said a plant memo that announced the five week work stoppage. A good that idea that was executed too heavy and too expensive.

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