Pair of Ford Mustangs crash in California desert street race

One car was split down the middle.

As enthusiasts, we love having a bit of fun behind the wheel of a car. That said, street racing on public roads in a populated area is both extremely idiotic and highly dangerous. Fox 11 in Los Angeles reports that two Ford Mustangs were involved in an accident that left one car split in half and two people in the hospital. The crash occurred in Palmdale, Calif., just past the northern entrance to Angeles Forest Highway.

According to witnesses, the pair of New Edge Mustangs were racing down a highway when a traffic light at an intersection turned red. One car slammed on its brakes, losing control of the car's rear. It managed to make it through the intersection backwards before crashing on the side of the road.

The second Mustang wasn't as lucky. It was T-boned at the crossing by a Mercedes-Benz, pushing it into a pole that split the car in two. Look closely. The front and rear bumpers sitting next to each other in the photo belong to the same car.

According to the Los Angeles County Fire Department, two people were taken to Antelope Valley Hospital. The good news is that everyone is expected to survive.

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