Jeep’s latest special edition tries to give the all-American Wrangler European appeal

Jeep has a long history in Europe, starting with GIs bouncing across the continent kicking Nazi ass and much later being a conspicuously American status symbol. It's been a varied existence, to be sure. And there have been a lot of Euro-only editions aimed at Continental tastes, like the Wrangler Polar and the Black Edition II. So this Mopar One Package version of the Wrangler Rubicon, which Jeep showed off at the Geneva show but was just showcased at the "Euro Festival" in Saint-Tropez, wasn't born in a vacuum. It really underlines the continuing appeal in Europe for stereotypically American things. "Euro Festival", after all, is a Harley-Davidson gathering. Harleys are expensive, conspicuous status symbols in Europe – and so is a Wrangler.

The Mopar One Package is only available on the Rubicon, and is a little unusual in that it's more function-oriented than the normally cosmetic Euro packages. It has a 2-inch lift kit, larger 32-inch tires, a steering stabilizer, and accessory fenders. Jeep says this is the first time it's been able to offer factory-installed accessories in Europe, so now our friends over there can enjoy the highly addictive experience of ticking off boxes to customize a Wrangler.

One thing the Euro Rubicon gets that we can't, which might make American Jeepers a little jealous, is the 2.8-liter CRD diesel engine. That's a VM Motori unit, similar to what was available over here in the Jeep Liberty for a hot minute. Euro Jeeps have used variants of this engine for years. If you want an off-road diesel comparable to the Euro Rubicon, you either have to move to the Euro Zone or buy a new Chevy Colorado ZR2 – which we just drove, by the way.

No word on how much the Mopar One Package will set buyers back. It's likely that this is also just a beachhead for more factory customs from Mopar, not just in the Jeep world. It'll be interesting to see how Europe responds.

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