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AutoblogGreen's Most Popular Posts of 2010

There are multiple ways to gauge popularity on the Internet. As we wrap up our work for 2010 – and look forward to a new year of amazing advances (and probably a fair share of setbacks) in the green car world for 2011 – we wanted to see which posts were the most popular on AutoblogGreen this past year. As we did, we learned that you like videos (so do we) and also those clean diesel vehicles. The variety of topics in the Top Ten posts tell us that ABG readers enjoy all sorts of fuel-

Followup: As it turns out, Christians also offended by Top Gear holiday special

It seems that Muslims aren't the only religious group upset about the recent Top Gear holiday special. According to The Digital Journal and iAfrica, Christians have now come out against the show. While Muslims found issue with hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May all donning the traditional headwear of Muslim women, Christians are more riled about the episod

Autoblog 2010: Some of our favorite features

We're like the proud parents of a newborn bundle of joy. We published about 6,800 individual posts in 2010, which is itself a pretty staggering statistic, but there are always a few that we're especially fond of. Whether we're making ill-informed buying decisions, traveling at triple-digit speeds in a supercar through Mexico with an official police escort, nearly careening off the side of a cliff on a motorcycle or driving the fastest production car in the world, we've had ourselves some good ti

Autoblog's Most Popular Posts of 2010

Murder and intrigue. Car crashes, dead bodies, motorcycle chases and, of course, sweet revenge. Are we describing the latest round of blockbuster summer movies or reading the latest New York Times best-seller? Nope, just recapping the ten most popular posts on Autoblog from 2010 as determined by click-throughs garned from from regular AB readers and outside link-ins.

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