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Hum Rider is a marketing stunt by the creative minds at Thinkmodo. The stunt was to promote Verizon's Hum platform. Hum turns your older cars into a connected vehicle.

And yeah, there are running cars and running jokes too.

Now you're cooking with science.

She used the glow of her insulin pump to find the trunk's inner handle.

Now the gunman's at large and she may have to leave town.

It was only 778 miles from a quarter-million when it came to this place.

Before Subaru obliterated the competition, the Corolla All-Trac was a big seller in the Mountain Time Zone.

We didn’t need to, so says Lambo CEO.

It's all about the aero – nothing sinister – company CEO claims.

Uber's president and another critical exec are leaving, for different reasons.

This is far less serious than his 2006 jet car accident.

1.8 liters of turbocharged excitement.

Entry-level models need not be boring.

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