Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason crashes his McLaren F1 at Goodwood

Call it a momentary lapse of reason? Whatever the cause, Pink Floyd's drummer Nick Mason has the same ordeal ahead of him as Rowan Atkinson: taking a crashed McLaren F1 to Woking for some bodywork. At the 75 th Goodwood Members' Meeting, Mason took his 1995 McLaren F1 GTR onto the track, and sadly bounced it off the wall in a none-too-glamorous fashion. The impact can be seen in the end of this clip featuring a very nice-looking Ferrari F40.

Mason's car is one of 28 road legal F1 GTRs. We're still using the present tense, because while massaging the F1 back into shape will undoubtedly cost a pretty penny, it's all worth it. Rowan Atkinson's 2011 shunt in his non-GTR 1997 F1 cost $1.4 million to repair, and the Blackadder/Mr. Bean star sold his car in 2015 for $12 million!

If the valuation of Atkinson's twice-crashed regular-specification car was all down to his star power, it is likely Mason's prog rock celebrity status also guarantees the GTR's worth. The Drive says the car was worth $3,7 million – a conservative valuation. Mason's distinctive red-and-yellow GTR has been featured in the automotive media a lot over the years, which makes it even more of a shame to see it all banged up. We wish both the driver and the car a speedy recovery.

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