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The cover story of the January 2008 issue of Wired Magazine is "100 MPG! The Race To Build The Ultimate Fuel Efficient Car." The article is all about the X-Prize, which will award $10 Million to the maker of the most fuel efficient car. A short video with a test drive of the Aptera, one car in the X-Prize competition, is at the website. Wired also follows the smaller Illuminati Motor Works, another team in the competition, as they search for the design of the car of tomorrow. GM's Bob Lutz was a

Lotus appears to be in play, with reports that a Malaysian company has approached Proton about buying the sports car maker. State-owned Proton, which has been struggling of late, has seen its shares take a further beating since the collapse of its talks with Volkswagen, which has set the table for an opportunistic approach.

Business at Goodwood is, well... good. As such, Rolls-Royce, already having dedicated millions of dollars to enhancing its production facilities, is looking to add more hands in a bid to keep up with the ever-growing demand for its cars. Production in 2007 was up 25% over 2006 to 1,000 units, and RR execs see another 10% of growth likely for 2008. Credit emerging markets for the increase in demand, especially China, in which 100 cars are expected to be sold by year's end. That's up from 71 of th

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We're not sure how these things happen, but somehow an image of a Cadillac CTS Coupe made its way into a dealer advertisement in the dead-tree edition of the Detroit Free Press. According to the advert, you can pick up a two-year lease on a 2008 CTS Coupe for $366.98/month with $1,885.16 due at signing. Considering that the Cadillac CTS Coupe doesn't exist quite yet, though we expect one to debut at an upcoming auto show, this dealer either made a big mistake or has some serious pull over at the

Chrysler and Ford have been at the top of the headlines all year long for various reasons, with Ford continuing to slim down by selling off its PAG brands, while Chrysler got dumped by Daimler and went private at the hands of Cerberus Capital Management. 2008 looks to be an equally interesting year in the auto industry, and a recent article in Fortune by senior editor Alex Taylor III suggests that a merger between Chrysler and Ford could be in the cards for the coming year. Talk about your haym

Shortly after the turn of the decade, Toyota expects sales of its hybrid vehicles to crest the one million unit per year mark. ToMoCo's goal may seem a bit ambitious considering that it's only sold about 1.25 million hybrids since the Prius' introduction in 1997, but the alternative-power push will mainly be fueled by sales of upcoming plug-in hybrid models and Toyota's aim to equip every vehicle in its lineup with a hybrid drivetrain by 2020.

Hank Hill would be proud. Heck he would probably sell them at Strickland Propane in Arlen, Texas for people planning to travel to the UK. A new atlas of Great Britain is being published that shows the locations of LPG filling stations and companies that do LPG conversions. LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is more commonly referred to as propane although it's actually a mix of propane, butane, methane and other gases. As Hank would say, it's clean burning and relatively free of particulates and unbu

We recently got confirmation from a Volvo PR person that the Swedish automaker's new C30 hatchback will soon be joined by a V30 five-door wagon. Just-Auto.com is going one step further by reporting that Volvo will also add a new XC CUV model to its lineup based on the C30 hatch to be called, not unsurprisingly, the XC30. Presumably it will also be a five-door model with all-wheel-drive that's jacked up off the ground a bit.

Daimler is joining throngs of other automakers, including Navistar, Nissan and Volvo, to establish India as one of the largest builders of commercial trucks in the world. Its newest venture involves a partnership between Daimler AG and India's Hero Group (great name!), with Daimler investing some $420 million for a 60-percent stake in the India-based manufacturer. The venture will involve the creation of light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks in one of the world's burgeoning production centers th

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen Johnson (shown above) has found himself with few friends after denying California's request for a waiver to regulate its own emissions. The denial was issued shortly after President Bush signed the new energy bill into law, leaving some to wonder if the auto industry struck a deal with the White House - we'll give you your energy bill if you give us one national emissions standard to follow, i.e. don't allow California to set its own set of s