Wired Magazine January 2008 cover: the race to make 100 MPG car

ApteraThe cover story of the January 2008 issue of Wired Magazine is "100 MPG! The Race To Build The Ultimate Fuel Efficient Car." The article is all about the X-Prize, which will award $10 Million to the maker of the most fuel efficient car. A short video with a test drive of the Aptera, one car in the X-Prize competition, is at the website. Wired also follows the smaller Illuminati Motor Works, another team in the competition, as they search for the design of the car of tomorrow. GM's Bob Lutz was asked about the competition and he says:

We fully endorse the X Prize. ... but we just cannot divert ourselves from the business at hand. ... We're really not that interested in technology as a science-fair project.

Bob is working on GM's new electric car, the Volt, which hopes to be on the road very soon at close to 100 MPG. The rules of the X-Prize competition, which officially starts early in 2008, are still being finalized and will include not just fuel efficiency but a car design that can be mass produced, at a reasonable price while being safe and comfortable. So hopefully, this prize won't be like the Lindbergh's solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean to win the Raymond Orteig prize and will lead to real products.

Recently, Wired Magazine also did a cover story on ethanol and the special test issue included a Smart Fortwo on the cover.

[Source: Wired Magazine thanks to a tip from Elmo]

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