Carpooling is a great way to cut your carbon footprint. Throw another warm body in your car and you halve your carbon emissions per person. You also halve the amount of traffic you create if previously have both gone SOV (single occupancy vehicle). It is also a great way to justify your SUV. A commuting SOSUV is about the worst single thing you can do for the environment, the energy shortage and local traffic conditions (sorry to harp on that but its the truth, folks).

I carpooled in the 1980s. Same working hours from the same neighborhood to the same destination and back. Is it as convenient as driving your own vehicle? No. Do you lose that precious privacy SOV use allows? Yes. But do you save money? Oh boy, do you! Do you gain some lively conversation and gossip time? Ditto. Carpooling is a social good and a chance to discuss the events of the days - sports, politics, kids, whatever. Why it might almost be as good as Rush Limbaugh or Imus in the Morning!

One advantage 21st Century car pooling has over prior years - cell phones. No one is incommunicado. You can adjust departure and arrival times down to the minute. Another advantage: MP3 players. Passengers can plug in their ears and "opt out" of any on-going discussion. One item that needs further attention, however, is insurance coverage.

So, if you want to put about $20 extra dollars (about 6 gallons) a week back in your wallet instead of giving them to the Canadians, Mexicans or OPEC, find someone willing to car pool with you. Twenty dollars a week adds up to about $1,000 a year for each of you. Also means less service cost for your car, extending its life and value.

Carpooling + Cell Phones + MP3 Players = Perfect Together!!

(Thanks to Tom P)

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