Mike Levine from Pickuptruck.com first tipped us off that the Scion brand might be considering a pickup for its youth-targeted lineup. In the video above, Levine explains why the A-BAT hybrid pickup concept ended up being a Toyota truck rather than the Scion we were expecting, as well as going over every feature and design detail of what we've come to call the "Toyota Ridgeline".

From your comments, we gather that the A-BAT's design is not what you would call... attractive. As one commenter put it, "(It's) like a Ridgeline, but uglier with bigger blind spots." Touché sir. Nevertheless, we'd welcome a truly small and modern pickup back into the market, just not this one. We'll defer to another commenter who said what was exactly on our minds: "Just bring back the small pick-up and with a strong diesel and 6-speed. It'll get 40+mpg." If wishing made it so.

[Source: Pickuptruck.com]

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