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Over on Animal Internet, the "world's first website built and run totally by animals" (a place where "dogs and cats discuss world events with fish, birds trade recipes with monkeys and polar bears share their New Year's resolutions with horses. All free from oppressive human oversight"), a debate has sprung up about global warming.

We've seen badly-painted cars before, some with store-bought spray cans and even some painted with brushes. But we've never, EVER, seen one painted with, um, what is that? Stucco? Bondo applied with a shovel-wielding 6-year-old? And, possibly more important, what WAS that? A Renault?

According to their latest news related to this matter, there are currently only a few biofuels - like sugarcane-sourced ethanol as obtained in Brazil - that offer a positive balance in terms of polluting emissions and governments should only promote this kind of biofuels.

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The Model A Ford pickup you see above will play the Joker's Clown Car in the upcoming Batman sequel, The Dark Knight. Heath Ledger will play the Joker to Christian Bale's Batman (who gets a new suit, incidentally), but he unfortunately gets stuck with this very unimpressive (and very purple) truck that has no chance of outrunning the Tumbler. In fact, the Tumbler could likely slice this truck in two if Batman were to t-bone the Joker in an intersection. It also turns out that illustrator Chris R

Mark your calendars, because we're calling today a watershed moment for the advancement of diesel's acceptance in the U.S. General Motors has just announced a new 4.5L V8 Duramax turbo-diesel powerplant it plans to use in the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra half-ton pickups, as well as the HUMMER H2. The new oil burner is expected to produce at least 310 horsepower and 520 ft-lbs. of torque. It features dual-overhead cams, four valves per cylinder, a variable-vane turbocharger and aluminum cylind

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According to Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Toyota is going to postpone the launch of its next generation Prius. Originally planned for fall 2008, the release has been pushed back to spring 2009. This will be the third generation of the popular hybrid-only model, and it was expected that we'd see the first use of lithium-ion batteries in this new model. Toyota, however, has apparently decided to stick with the nickel-metal hydrides, and delayed the launch of the new car until further development could be

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Say it ain't so. One of our favorite cars in recent memory might be going out of production. Autocar UK is saying that Audi has pulled the plug on the sweet RS4 supersedan. According to them, the convertible and wagon versions are still being produced, but they don't know for how long. With the new RS6 and RS5 on the horizon, it's possible Audi has decided to cut RS4 production to gear up for those new models, but the RS4 has been pretty successful for automaker by all accounts and it seems surp

Just a few more innovations like this one from Toyota and the good old internal combustion engine will remain the dominant powertrain for cars and trucks worldwide. Wait a second, that is likely to remain the same anyway; but that does mean that any innovations which can increase the efficiency of the ICE are certainly worth exploring and implementing. As much as us die-hards want to see electric vehicles make up the majority of sales, it is not going to happen any time soon. So, let's applaud c

Seemingly overnight the Australian market has become the holy grail for a pair of U.S. auto giants. That's because both General Motors and Ford are considering taking advantage of rear-wheel drive platforms that have prospered on the island continent by exporting them to new markets, including the U.S. GM, of course, has plans to bring its RWD Zeta platform to the States and use it to underpin the new Chevy Camaro, Pontiac G8 and a few other cars that have yet to get the final go-ahead. Ford, me

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/hardware/GM_moving_500_fuel_cell_engineers_over_to_production_engineering_group'; The end is nigh for the internal combustion engine at General Motors...eventually. Today, GM is taking a huge step in that direction by reassigning most of its fuel cell engineers and scientists from the research and development group to various production engineering groups.

British company Biofuels Corporation has been hit hard by the rising price of vegetable oil that they use to produce biodiesel. They recently had a £100million loss because of the cost of rapeseed, palm and soy oil prices that are climbing due to increased food demand. Soy demand in China rose between 22 and 29 percent in 2006. Biofuels CEO Sean Sutcliffe has complained that US subsidies for biofuel producers could threaten the entire European biofuel industry.

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