Slimy red car found oozing on Russian city street

We've seen badly-painted cars before, some with store-bought spray cans and even some painted with brushes. But we've never, EVER, seen one painted with, um, what is that? Stucco? Bondo applied with a shovel-wielding 6-year-old? And, possibly more important, what WAS that? A Renault?

Going to the source (careful, link NSFW for some) of these photos didn't really help much, either. Not only was there little accompanying text, but it's all in (surprise!) Russian.

We look forward to hearing our readers' comments on this one, and would be very interested to hear from anyone who might have insight into this lumpy car's slimy background. And, yes, we know some of the other off-color things it might resemble, but let's keep things family-friendly.

[Source: Fishki via EnglishRussia]

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