The Truth About Cars: Hard-core EV freaks and eco-poseurs are going to love the Tesla

The first time that The Truth About Cars wrote about the Tesla Roadster, the results were less than thrilling to fans of the electric sports car. They have since decided that the vehicle is worthy of another of their editorials. This time, how will their readers react?

In this latest editorial, the fundamental issues of electric vehicles are considered: range and speed. The article mentions that electric cars already have quite a history behind them, from the early 1900s all the way until the GM EV1 hit nearly a century later. The article focuses on the perceived shortcomings of using lead-acid batteries and rehashes all of the known questions surrounding new advancements in lithium ion batteries. Those known questions, oddly enough, surround the unknown quantities of the batteries, because they have yet to see widespread use in electric vehicles.

Their conclusion? "Hard-core EV freaks and eco-poseurs are going to love the Tesla, despite the fact it doesn't have room for a suitcase or a couple of bags of groceries."

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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