More Friday Humor: What do animals think about global warming?

Over on Animal Internet, the "world's first website built and run totally by animals" (a place where "dogs and cats discuss world events with fish, birds trade recipes with monkeys and polar bears share their New Year's resolutions with horses. All free from oppressive human oversight"), a debate has sprung up about global warming.
The humor site includes an editorial by Danchovy (a whitefish), who says, "Global Warming? Bring it on!" because then it'll be easier to get around when the ice caps melt and there's water everywhere. Answering the question "How are you being green?", Hathead the peacock (or peafowl, can't quite tell from the close-up) says "I'm pooping on only SUVS" and a chicken says, "I walk everywhere. But I guess everybody knows that now."

Animal Internet isn't the most car-related website we've ever linked to on AutoblogGreen, but it's a cute place to spend a few minutes. I'd never heard about it until Billiam submitted it as a tip to us. If you've got a site you think we should check out, let us know, especially on a Friday.

[Source: Animal Internet, h/t to Billiam]

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