Infiniti will use Nissan's new diesel too!

It looks the new 3.0L V-6 clean diesel that Nissan is working up with corporate partner Renault for 2010 will find it's way into a wide variety of vehicles from the company, including the upscale Infiniti brand. Back in mid-August Nissan filed several new trademarks including EX30D, G30D, FX30D, and M30D. These names all fit Infiniti's standard nomenclature with a 3.0L engine and the D designating a diesel. The attractive G30D would be a particularly appealing combination in the mid-sized sport sedan market. Hopefully the diesel V-6 that Honda is developing for vehicles like the Ridgeline and Odyssey will also wind up under the hood of some Acura sedans like the next generation TL. We're looking forward to a comparison test of the TL Type-D, G30D, BMW 330d and hopefully a Cadillac CTS 2.9D around the turn of the decade. Between all these mid-sized diesels and range-extended EVs as well as straight battery electrics, it looks like driving efficiently in the near future won't mean giving up driving enjoyment.

[Source: AutoSpies]

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