The top ten stories from the first year of AutoblogGreen - Numbers 5 through 1

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Without further ado, here are the top five stories from AutoblogGreen during our first year or operation (stories #6 through #10 are listed here.)

5.) No Tesla CUV, But Zap! will build the Lotus APX with batteries
An all-electric SUV (or CUV) that has 600 hp and looks like the Lotus APX would have a LOT of buyers, according to our readers. Of course, this car still exists more in press releases than in testing labs, so all those ready to shell out big bucks for the APX EV have time to save up.

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4.) New Monopoly game board features Toyota Prius
Who needs to announce a new car when the Prius name is so powerful that the addition of a Prius token to the Monopoly board game is enough to get people talking. Seriously. 145 comments on post about a board game on a green car site? I didn't know so many of you were BoardGameGeek afficionadoes.

3.) Death Car: Ford HySeries Edge almost kills the president
Is this the joke Alan Mulally wishes he'd never told?

2.) Tesla Roadster unveiled in Santa Monica
Vary good reception for a very cool car. The Tesla Roadster is the car that made electric vehicles cool, droolworthy even. We know our readers care what happens with the Roadster (even if most of us will never be able to afford one), and AutoblogGreen has been following the news from Tesla HQ ever since the unveiling.

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oh the suspense - Number One is after the break ...
1.) Detroit Auto Show: It's here. GM's plug-in hybrid is the Chevy Volt Concept
There's no question GM's announcement of the Chevy Volt was our top story of the year. Just look at how the news of this car spread everywhere. It's no surprise the Volt made a splash, either. If GM can deliver on the hype built up back in January, then this car will be seen as the most important for the company - maybe even the domestic automakers - in decades. But there's a long road between now and then. We shall see, we shall see.

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So, that's the Top Ten. Thanks for a great first year, and keep checking AutoblogGreen for more stories like these, and hundreds more, every month.

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