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FCA and iPhone maker plan Chinese electric vehicle joint venture

Hon Hai parent Foxconn assembles iPhone

Italian American automaker Fiat Chrysler and Taiwan's Hon Hai plan to set up a joint venture to manufacture electric vehicles and to engage in the business of wirelessly connected vehicles, Hon Hai said on Thursday. Fiat Chrysler (FCA) and Hon Hai are negotiating to set up a 50-50 joint venture, Hon Hai said in a statement.

Bollinger believes its approach to EVs is unique enough to patent

The company filed a patent application covering its mechanical, electrical and drivetrain architectures

Tesla set to begin deliveries of China-made Model 3 cars on December 30

First 15 deliveries will be to Tesla employees

BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc will begin delivering Model 3 vehicles built at its Shanghai factory on Monday, a company representative told Reuters. The first 15 customers to get the cars on Dec 30 are Tesla employees, the company representative added. The delivery date of Dec. 30 means that the plant will start delivering cars to customers just 357 days after the factory's construction started, which will mark a new record for global automakers in

A conversation with Robert Bollinger of Bollinger Motors | Autoblog Podcast #608

We interview the architect of the badass B1 and B2 electric trucks

We interview the architect of the badass B1 and B2 electric trucks

Polestar 2 boasts Tesla-beating towing capacity in Europe

The Polestar 2 can pull 3,300 lbs, almost twice as much as the Model 3

Ford using McDonald's coffee bean skin in car parts

Cars and coffee go together like ... bean skin?

First Drive
2020 Polestar 1 First Drive | A car to desire, a brand to watch

New 619-hp GT is from Volvo's high-performance, electrified offshoot brand

The Green Episode | Autoblog Podcast #601

Talking electrification, hydrogen and the state of the green car industry

Talking electrification, hydrogen and the state of the green car industry

Watch Bollinger Motors B1 and B2 live reveal here

Livestream for all-electric, four-door sport ute and pickup begins at 5:00 p.m. ET

Arcimoto FUVs are headed to customers

The wait for the electric trike is over

Aptera returns with plans for 1,000-mile EV

Decade of manufacturing, tech and supply advancements should help its revival

Ford's $11 billion plan for hybrids and EVs — a closer look

F-150 and Mustang hybrids will come to U.S.

Yesterday, Ford offered up a buffet of information. Along with Bronco news, GT500 teasing and the announcement of Ford Co-Pilot360 driver assistance becoming standard across its entire lineup, Ford also reaffirm

Tesla employees report flawed parts are causing Model 3 delays

Production was temporarily halted in February

Days after it was announced that Tesla Model 3 production was halted in February, CNBC reports that the automaker is churning out a significant number of flawed parts leading to reworking and remanufacturing. This was causing significant delays on a car that's already behind the schedule Tesla CEO Elon Musk initially touted. This same facility builds the Tesla Model S and Model X.

Jaguar I-Pace vs. Tesla Model X and Model S: How they compare on paper

Jaguar takes on the EV establishment

We compare it with the entry-level Model X and S. Which one is the best?

Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo: How Porsche shifted with the market

Porsche answered crossover craze even while EVs were still in development

"We are big believers that pure electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids can be real Porsche cars like those with an internal-combustion engine."

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Volvo spinoff reveals first car in Geneva: How will Polestar find its way?

How it plans to navigate the car business as an elite subscription brand

The Polestar 1 is a four-seat, plug-in hybrid performance coupe with two electric motors and a twincharged four-cylinder that combine for 600 hp of all-wheel potency.

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