New Monopoly game board features Toyota Prius

A modern update of the popular board game Monopoly now offers a Toyota Prius as one of the player tokens. Other new tokens include McDonald's fries and a computer.

The revised game called "Monopoly: Here and Now Edition" was unveiled Tuesday and features new properties in addition to new game pieces. The monetary denominations will also be significantly higher to reflect the purchase of such landmarks as Florida's South Beach. Airports have also replaced the railroads, and the Chance and Community Chest card will be more relevant to today's lifestyles. No mention if jail has been changed.

Those who own the classic version can still bring out the '30s-style racecar to use on the board. If memory serves, that game piece was supposedly modeled after the roadster that the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Monopoly himself, drove. Also, wasn't there a special edition a few years ago where the roadster was stretched?

[Source: CBS4 Miami]

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